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Brodie Johnson
President |
1333 Kansas St.
Memphis, TN 38106

Who is Treadmill Doctor?

Let's set the record straight : we're not actually doctors, much as our mom would love to brag otherwise. We're two brothers from Olive Branch, MS, who have an MBA, an MDiv, and a Master's in Political Science between us-but no MD.

Over the years though, we've certainly earned our specialties in "elliptretics" and "treadmllology" - and Clark really did start out by using a stethoscope to diagnose faults with treadmills ( hence the company name).

In fact, we've been in this industry since Clark was still In school in 1987 - when the commercial fitness equipment Industry was only a few years old. And It's no longer just us two: today we're a team of 32 fitness- equipment enthusiasts, - all devoting our lives to keeping your machines in peak condition.


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