Solving Your Treadmill or Elliptical Problem
14 Mar '18

Solving Your Treadmill or Elliptical Problem

Uncle Bob was finally able to make a New Year’s Resolution stick. It didn’t hurt that his doctor had informed him after his mini-stroke in December that he had to lose weight and start a regular exercise program, or he would have a limited number of days left on this Earth. At the time, Bob didn’t think that was too kind, but after he had started his program, dropped 15 pounds, and now, didn’t breathe heavily after a quick walk up the stairs, he realized that his doctor’s words were the kindest words he could hear.

Bob had become a workout warrior with his daily routine becoming almost a religious experience. 7 days a week, Bob was on his treadmill actively getting in his 2 miles per day and instead of hurting like the exercise did a bit when he got started, he now enjoyed the “rush” he got from his body’s release of the rewarding chemicals from the physical activity.

It was mid-March and Bob hopped up on his treadmill at his accustomed time, pressed start, and realized that something was seriously wrong. He checked to make sure the safety key was in place, the on/off switch was in the proper place, and made sure the breaker had not tripped but, he still had no power. What could he do?

After Uncle Bob realized that his frustration was doing him no good, he decided to Google his problem and ended up on the Treadmill Doctor website. After watching a YouTube video we had prepared to help people with his problem, Uncle Bob decided to remove the motor cover and just like the video pointed out, sometimes wires can come loose and one of his main power wires had done just that.

A quick reconnect of the wire, refastening the motor cover, plugging the machine back into the wall, and putting the safety key into place, Bob found that his problem had been solved. Unbelievably, Bob found out that he could easily handle making sure that his exercise routine was not interrupted with regular maintenance.

Sometimes, problems can be easily solved, just like Bob’s. Other times, the repair can be much more involved but just like any routine maintenance, the more maintenance you do, the more likely it is that you will not have to do repairs. We know that everyone loves the idea of the “maintenance free” product so, that’s a weakness many factories of all kinds of consumer products have taken advantage of, but that doesn’t work in the treadmill and elliptical world.

You can refrain from maintaining your machine but what we have found out is the less maintenance you do, the more likely it is that you are going to have a nightmare repair…and we’ve seen repair bills exceed $1,000.00 by a wide margin. The more you maintain, keep the machine clean, and replace worn parts when you encounter them, the lower cost of ownership, the better the machine operates, and the less likely you will be to have your exercise routine interrupted, just like Uncle Bob.

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