We Make Experts
24 Jan '18

We Make Experts

During this time of the year (January), we field question after question from people just like you who have questions about what treadmill or elliptical to buy and they are concerned with getting the most for their hard-earned money without getting the proverbial lemon. That’s what we all want when we make a large purchase and have to weigh the factors when making that decision.

I was reminded of this from an email this past week when a lady (let’s call her Barbara) reported back from visiting a store that she knew more than the salespeople at 3 different stores that she visited when considering her new treadmill. Barbara reported that when she would ask questions, the salespeople would not have the answers and when they tried to talk about competitive treadmills that they didn’t sell, they would give incorrect information.

That’s the problem in today’s world…so many people are required to do so many jobs. While they are trying to multitask, they aren’t extraordinary in any one job and it’s not their fault. If you are trying to sell tools, electronics, vacuum cleaners, and fitness equipment, how can you know everything about all of those products? The short answer is: you can’t! But, that’s the world we live in today.

So, when you start to research a big purchase (I did this when buying a car several years ago), typically you will know more than the salesperson who is selling you the item. When my wife needed a new minivan, I knew more than the guy at the car dealership. When I realized that he didn’t know as much as I did about that particular van, I decided to discount his ideas almost 100%.

Sometimes, the same is true when you are buying a treadmill or elliptical. Since we repair equipment every day of the week, handle thousands of customers every month, and get to see every treadmill and elliptical made since we travel the world extensively and talk to techs all around the world, we have a perspective that no salesperson is going to have.

The problem is we aren’t there holding your hand helping you pick out that next machine that is going to get you to your fitness goals. What we can do is educate you using our experience and that’s what we have been doing for over 20 years! When you visit our site and use our tools, you become like Barbara, an expert in fitness equipment!

If you have a question, with the help of technology these days, you can simply pull out your phone and look up a treadmill on our site or pull up a post about how motors are rated or how quality equipment is constructed and get the answer to your questions. In short, we make a bunch of things but when you boil it down, the one thing we do every single day of the week is make people into experts when they are buying a new machine or when they are trying to fix their old one and give it years more of life.

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