Return to Abnormal
31 Jan '18

Return to Abnormal

If nothing else, nature loves normal. Last year, we got a new puppy and his favorite position is on the floor when it is sunny outside; just basking in the sunshine. He falls asleep and starts snoring and it really is a funny sight.

Well, just like my pup loves to sun himself and fall asleep in the comfort of the warmth and light, we love to revert to whatever is the most comfortable too. Especially when the weather is cold and especially when there are all kinds of nasty bugs out there. It is just human nature for us to shift towards what is easy, comfortable, and what feels right.

The hard part is pushing ourselves into doing what is best for us, not necessarily what is easiest for us to do. When we aren’t feeling our best, it might be tempting to skip your workout, lay around on the couch and eat chips and dip or sit down to a big pot roast with potatoes, but it takes discipline to prod yourself forward, take responsibility, and get that hour walk in before you do anything else.

It also takes discipline to stay active, make smart food choices, and not just check out and stay home when you should be getting out and about. Although it might be tempting to just hole up and wait the flu season out, the reality is that if you are smart about cleaning your hands, eating right, and being careful, your body is designed to resist those bugs that are out there.

Exercise is the same way. It requires discipline to stick to an exercise routine because it is rarely fun and games. Even when I use a device like a tablet or phone to distract myself when on one of my exercise machines, the games don’t make exercise into a game. There are products out there that are trying to change that but as of this point, they haven’t perfected it yet.

The fitness industry has been chasing gamification of exercise since the 1980’s. I remember some of the first machines/gaming interfaces that were publicly available and although some of today’s attempts are much better than early tries, they still have a long way to go to get to the point that makes exercise fun.

If they ever get VR better, an interesting use might be putting on an “Iron Man” suit and battling the bad guys, using a treadmill to change terrain and speed and adapting the battle to vary your heart rate in the appropriate manner. But I think we are still a few years away from having something like that where it could be affordable to the average person.

Right now, we still must “return to abnormal” which is not easy for us. You have to push yourself to do the right thing instead of taking the easy way out and doing what comes naturally…just like my pup!

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