Non Sexy Workouts
17 Jan '18

Non Sexy Workouts

The fitness business is notorious for showing us images of glistening bodies with hardly a stitch of clothing on, rippling muscles with just enough perspiration them to make them look like a juicy, 3” steak, and silhouettes of sexy, young people who look like they can’t possibly be real. Someone has either taken an airbrush to the pictures or they are either computer enhanced or surgically enhanced; or both.

When you turn off the commercials though, reality sets back in and working out on a regular basis has nothing to do with the heavily produced commercials that you see either on TV or online. Nothing throws a cold blanket over a conversation than when you start talking about religion, politics, sickness or doing something hard, like working out.

With all of that said, working out on a regular basis is about as sexy as contributing to your 401k, eating a salad every day in place of a meal of burgers and fries, and going to bed at a reasonable hour so you can get your 8 hours of sleep. It is not sexy but in the long run, you are really going to like the results…all things being equal. Those who have the argument that you could be hit by a bus, so you should just live it up aren’t going to listen to me anyway. So, if you are still reading, I have a sneaking suspicion that you are one of those who are responsible.

How do you approach working out and keep your motivated to do it? The answer is keeping your focus on your goals…both short term, intermediate, and long term. You may have a goal to have six pack abs, but you aren’t going to do it by purchasing the latest infomercial gimmick that promises you impossible results.

But, if you get started today, you can have 6 pack abs. A middle-age lady I know who has had 2 kids, started working out over 10 years ago and the 6 pack abs was her goal. Today, not only does she have 6 pack abs, but she also said she has the firmest butt that she has ever had, improved her muscle tone over her entire body, massively lowered her resting heart rate, and so improved her overall health so that when she went to get some new life insurance, she got a rate so low that her agent said that even though she is in her 40’s, a healthy 20 year old lady couldn’t get a rate as low as she received.

Although the 10-year process to achieve her goal isn’t sexy, the result is extremely sexy. Not only did she reach her goal, she had massive benefits in addition to reaching her fitness goals. Correspondingly, if you make poor choices, be sedentary, and have an unhealthy diet, you aren’t going to see the results immediately but over time, you will have a body you don’t want, poor overall health, and a shorter life. Nothing is more no sexy than that.

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