The Ghost of New Year’s Present
3 Jan '18

The Ghost of New Year’s Present

(Continued from last week’s post)
Ebenezer Slob stirred in his bed as the Ghost of New Year’s Past still haunted him and much to his surprise, a giant of a ghost appeared by his bedside. “I am the Ghost of New Year’s Present!” exclaimed the spirit in a booming voice. Although the ghost was quite large, he was remarkably fit for his size.

“Come with me Ebenezer and see what our society has become” commanded the ghost. Ebenezer found himself immediately obeying the commands of the spirit. “When I look out over society in general I see people who are living for the moment without any care of what tomorrow may hold” explained the ghost. “If you don’t prepare for your future, you will get any old future that life deals out to you and usually, it won’t be the life you want.”

The ghost explained that with the lack of fitness in today’s society, most people were headed in the same direction as Ebenezer Slob… which was towards a future of morbid obesity, diabetes, and poor health that would lead to an early, painful, and debilitated death. The ghost continued, “it is hard to believe that people won’t take simple steps to easily improve their quality of life and their health. Plus it sets a horrific example for their children.”

“You must see that your example of laziness and slovenly stature reflects poorly on you, your business, your family, and sets a horrible example for your employees,” exclaimed the ghost. “Why don’t you take the simple steps to live a healthier life?”

Ebenezer had no good excuse. He knew that with the instructions that he had learned all his life… from health classes in high school up to articles he commonly skipped over these days, that fitness wasn’t something that is hard to achieve. He knew that he didn’t have to sign up for a marathon simply because he walked a few times a week. Yet, the discipline to maintain even a rudimentary exercise routine had escaped him almost his entire adult life.

The Ghost of New Year’s Present pointed out to him that this wasn’t a problem that was entirely borne by Ebenezer, but rather, was something that was endemic to society in general these days. “So, do we just give up?” asked Ebenezer. “No, that’s not something to aspire towards,” answered the ghost. “Rather, you should set an example for those around you.”

“That doesn’t require you to be the next decathlete but instead, just stick to a regular exercise routine, watch what you eat, and eat reasonable portions. It is not that hard to be fit and very moderate about it,” said the ghost. Ebenezer was starting to see the light… he realized that maybe if he just started by taking it slow and working his way up slowly, he could get control of his fitness and health. The possibility started to sprout in his mind like the fresh shoots of grass in the Spring.

…next week, the Ghost of New Year’s Future.

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