The Ghost of New Years Future
10 Jan '18

The Ghost of New Years Future

(continued from last week)

A chill came over Ebenezer’s bones as he once again, was awakened from his slumber. The thoughts of the Ghost of New Year’s Past and the Ghost of New Year’s present were still rumbling through his tired, achy head but he noticed a hooded presence in the corner. By now, he was familiar with the process, but he noted that this ghost was more eerie and foreboding than the prior two spirits.

A cold, bony hand gestured for Ebenezer to follow and he was whisked away to a scene of men standing around a water cooler talking about the “dearly departed Ebenezer.” They joked about him digging his grave with a knife and fork and said they doubted anyone would attend unless Ebenezer had ponied up for a full course meal following the service.

All the people Ebenezer knew were just like him…fat, out of shape, and terribly in denial of the future consequences of his current actions. Why would he expect anyone to show up for the funeral of such a miserable codger as himself? As soon as he was contemplating this future, the scene changed again and now he was looking at his own office.

Bob Workout was busily working at his desk but there was a smile on his face because he knew that his new boss was more like him than Ebenezer. He would understand that Bob needed to get his exercise in every day and wouldn’t begrudge Bob the opportunity to improve his health, maintain his weight, and improve his overall quality of life. Bob seemed to look like the weight of the world had been lifted from his fit shoulders.

Also, Ebenezer noted that Bob was getting much more done and had much more stamina than he ever realized. Maybe if he had been more supportive of Bob’s fitness goals in the past, Bob would have worked harder for him and been more productive rather than resenting every time Ebenezer made fun of him for “wasting his time.”

Ebenezer started to realize what he must do and pleaded with the Ghost of New Year’s Future to give him another chance. “I can change, I must change, I will change!” exclaimed Ebenezer to the ghost. The ghost simply waved his arm in agreement.

As Ebenezer jumped from his bed, he hastily readied for the workday and upon reaching the workplace, called Bob into his office and explained his change of heart. Bob was leery of what Ebenezer was saying but with his normal good nature, thought that he should give him a chance. Ebenezer told him that he could leave work early today and every day this month just to prove that he was serious about his change.

He also requested Bob’s help about getting him on a proper diet and exercise program. Bob promised that he would do everything that he could to help. Time will tell if Ebenezer’s changes stick and if he continues to aspire to a healthier life but I wouldn’t bet against him.

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