What Treadmill Would Gandhi Buy?
15 Nov '17

What Treadmill Would Gandhi Buy?

“Strength does not come from physical capacity. It comes from an indomitable will.” This quote by Gandhi certainly lays out for us how to keep everything in perspective. Physical fitness is important but inner strength is even more important. What is interesting is that it takes a certain inner strength in order to maintain a regular exercise regimen.

With all the distractions and demands of a regular life, we have appointments, deadlines, schedules, work, kids, parents, brothers, sisters, friends, civic groups, charities, and the like pulling us in every direction. Sometimes, it is easier to say “to heck with it all” and just skip the day’s work out and do better tomorrow but that’s the easy way out.

Sometimes we have to take the easy way out but that is not is the way to either physical fitness or inner strength. What I found interesting is that when Gandhi was protesting in India he set out on a walk all alone and nearly walked a thousand miles. Even though he started out alone, by the end of his walk he had amassed an entire crowd of people who joined him in his protest.

This is not to say that protesting is the best way to work out but if you get started on your fitness journey, many times family, friends, co-workers, and the like will join you in your quest and will encourage you along the way. Obviously, Gandhi was a fit individual, but he kept in mind that working out is not the end itself but rather is a means to an end. Plus, being in great shape lets you carry out a nearly 1,000-mile protest walk!

So, that brings us back to our original question, “what treadmill would Gandhi buy?” Of course, we can only speculate but let’s give it a shot! First, I would think that Gandhi would want something easy to use. Let’s face it, he has more important things to do than spend his day learning how to use a complicated machine. Second, he would want something reliable because nothing can be a buzz kill like a broken-down machine when you are ready to exercise. Third, he was a busy man, so he didn’t have time to waste researching treadmills endlessly.

So, at the risk of sounding immodest and being a bit too bold, I think Gandhi would have picked one of our Best Buy picks in his predetermined price range. Why reinvent the wheel. Treadmill Doctor has had decades of experience repairing everything fitness related and has dozens of people working on them every day so why not trust the people who have been helping guide millions of other people over the last 21 years?

I think the answer is clearly evident.

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