There is a Reason That Dog is a Semordnilap for God
8 Nov '17

There is a Reason That Dog is a Semordnilap for God

If you want the definition of Semordnilap skip down to the last paragraph. For the rest of you, what does it mean when a company or person tries to cloud every issue and confuse you when you are trying to buy a new treadmill or elliptical? It means their machine may not stack up in a particular area, so they have to confuse, lie, or obfuscate in order to make the sale.

We are so used to this type of behavior with politicians that it is now spilling over into the fitness industry. Actually, this has been a problem since the 1990’s. Instead of making a better treadmill, one factory developed their own standard in order to put a rating on their treadmill motor…once this was done, the race to the bottom was on.

Instead of installing a bigger motor, they used the same motor from the prior year and then slapped a rating that was 25% higher than the year before. It was like actually really having a 2 HP motor in the machine but calling it a 2.5 HP motor. That’s why you can’t rely on what the factory puts on their marketing materials or even what’s stamped on the motor.

For that reason, we never rely on what’s on the motor or much of anything else the factory tells us when we first look at specs. You physically have to examine the machine in order to tell what one factory is doing with their components. Then, to do any actual comparison from one machine to the other, you must be able to compare your own notes on the first machine with the second.

That’s a long way to say that you can’t judge a book by its cover. It especially holds true in the fitness industry. This year, we saw a new treadmill that I couldn’t believe when I first saw it. It is a AFG treadmill sold at Dick’s and it has the look on the upright of a commercial treadmill. I’m sure many consumers will think they are able to get a commercial $8,000 treadmill for $1,300 but they will only think they are getting that kind of deal. I guess in the end, we all want something for nothing and that’s why the deception works so well.

A Semordnilap (don’t worry, I had to look it up too) is when one word is spelled backwards, and that change makes it a different word with a different meaning. That brings us back to Dog and God and it applies perfectly in this case. When a factory takes a motor that is a dog and calls it a god, don’t believe the hype. They make look the same, use the same letters, and have the same number of syllables but that’s the only things these have in common…just like the motors.

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