How to Make Fitness Really Stupid
1 Nov '17

How to Make Fitness Really Stupid

   There has never been a lack of bad ideas that I’ve seen in my 30 years in the fitness industry but our favorite punching bag, Icon, is coming up with one of the dumbest ideas that I’ve ever seen. Let’s start by saying that since we started critiquing the industry over 20 years ago that Icon has come a long way. Really that’s an understatement. They have risen from our favorite punching bag to the company that is making the most innovative and best quality machines for the price.


When we first got started, Icon made the type of machines that would make you shake your head wondering, “what were they thinking?” They even had one design that looked like an engineer had a particularly bad day and decided to make it as hard as possible to service once it was in a customer’s home. People literally had to take the entire machine apart to replace a motor belt!


Their new idea is to make you purchase an iFit Coach subscription or you can’t buy the machine. Let’s start that Icon had a brilliant idea when iFit was launched, so you could literally, in conduction with Google Maps, walk or run anywhere in the world on the touchscreen console. No one had anything like it. Others have tried to make their machines work like iFit, but no one I’ve seen has done it. Not even come close!


Then, they had a bright idea! If you could walk anywhere in the world and you are already connected to the internet, why don’t we have someone coach you. Essentially, you get a personal trainer in your house without having to physically let someone in your house! Once again, they had another brilliant idea. Since someone doesn’t have to travel to your house, the cost of the trainer can be made SHOCKINGLY LOW…around $40 per month!


We were starting to wonder if Einstein had been resurrected and had taken up residence in the Icon corporate offices. Little did we know that they were actually propping their feet on the table, targeting very carefully, and then getting ready to blow their feet off completely. No one shoots themselves in the foot better than Icon.


The brilliant idea was that our iFit Coach program is so great, let’s show them how great it is by MAKING THEM BUY IT!!! You got that right. They have an excellent machine at an excellent price (let’s not talk about their customer service right now) so for the privilege of paying Icon $1,499 to buy their NordicTrack Commercial 1750, for instance, you must prepay almost $500 for a year of iFit Coach in order to buy the machine.


What’s an extra 33% premium on top of the machine! Who cares if you just want to get on the treadmill and watch your favorite Netflix show on the TV! You must buy personal training, or you can’t buy our machine! Are you starting to see how stupid this decision is??? If not, I’ve got my famous Tennessee Magic Rocks to sell you…they are cheap…only $499 but you must buy my online Rock Throwing Coach for only $149

BEFORE I give you the privilege of buying my Tennessee Magic Rocks!

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