2018 Treadmill and Elliptical Reviews
25 Oct '17

2018 Treadmill and Elliptical Reviews


    By November 1st, 2017, or in one week, the new 2018 Treadmill Doctor Treadmill and Elliptical Reviews and Best Buy lists will be on our website! Sometimes our crew in our IT department works overtime and gets it done early but you should see everything live by the 1st at the latest.


The more things change, the more things stay the same. Some brands seem to be resting upon their laurels and others seem to be really investing to improve products, make their machines better, and be more innovative in their approach to providing entertainment and/or engagement so you can be better motivated when you work out.


So, do you want a sneak peak of the new reviews or the new best buy lists? In 21 years, we have never released either reviews or best buy lists early so, are we throwing tradition and caution to the wind? Read on and find out…


Some brands that we have praised in the past have slipped somewhat. Other brands that we have roundly criticized stepped up to the plate and hit a home run. We thought some of the mass market brands, like those from Icon, had poor customer service but Icon looks like Nordstroms when compared with some of the sellers of cheap treadmills on Amazon. Don’t always assume that just because you are buying something that is on Amazon that it’s quality…a majority of the treadmills we have bought on Amazon over the past year have been horrible!


In regard to the reviews themselves, what we found over the last year is that you guys like video so we are hard at work on video to support our new best buy lists (the videos won’t be available by November 1st but we hope to have them all completed by December 1st. We didn’t get a million views on an elliptical review but we did see the views in the six figures, so plenty of people wanted to watch a video.


In 2017, we decided to throw caution to the wind and released a 10 Best list last year (instead of our old Best Buy list) and you guys told us that you preferred the old best buy list so we have resurrected the old best buy list like Lazarus from the dead. That brings me around to what we believe is still a substantial problem with many of the factories…they have little contact with the consumer and so they release what they think people will want but really don’t have a firm idea of what people really want.


That’s the big realization when we finished the reviews this year and stepped back and looked at the machines from a 30,000 foot view. The manufacturers who primarily sell through intermediaries like Amazon or physical stores tend to seem to know “less about what is in the mind of the consumer” than the brands that have a substantial direct sales channel. The companies that listen to their customers tend to provide the best of what their customers want. We hope to do that too with the new reviews.

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  1. Aimee Spencer
    8:38 am December 20, 2017

    I'm looking for a treadmill for my home.  I will be using it for walking but some interval running, as well.  I'd like it to be very quite and some cushion.  As far as price range, I don't want to spend over $4,000 if possible (total for service, etc.).  What would you recommend for me.  I'd use it about 5 days a week.  Thanks! – Aimee Spencer / Jonesboro, AR

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