How Do Amazon Bestselling Ellipticals Compare?
23 Aug '17

How Do Amazon Bestselling Ellipticals Compare?

How do the bestselling Amazon ellipticals compare to each other in Treadmill Doctor’s opinion.  First you should be aware that our opinion is subjective in that we tend to like durable machines that hold up well over time.  This also has the added affect that we tend to prefer more expensive machines over cheaper ones, but not always.  Seeing that half of the machines that are in the top 10 bestselling Amazon list are under $500 you may get that we won’t have a very high opinion of them but I think you will be surprised.  Here is the list of the top 10 ellipticals.


Sunny SF-E905 – $116.00

Exerpeutic Aero Air Elliptical – $79.99

NordicTrack E7.0Z – $627.05

Plasma 2 in 1 Trainer – $144.49

Efitment – E005 – $219.98

Exerpeutic 1000XL Heavy Duty – $183.52

Schwinn 430 – $956.98

Stamina In-Motion – $79.99

Schwinn 470 – $624.72

Fitness Reality ES500XL – $299.99


Let’s start from the top and give you my opinion of each of these and then at the end I’ll give you my top three ellipticals.


The Sunny SF-E905 is an unmitigated piece of sh**!@#t!  I’ve scraped better turds off the bottom of my shoe after mowing the lawn and having my son forget to pick up the dog poop.  A direct Chinese import, we have bought this unit to see and I wouldn't feel safe letting my wife use it after seeing how flimsy the steel supports are in this unit.


The Exerpeutic Aero Air is a gimmick machine that knocks off the Schwinn Airdyne machines of the 1990’s.  They don’t give you the quality that the old Schwinn models did.  IT IS A WASTE OF MONEY!  Please don’t buy this machine.  Amazon should be ashamed that this made it into their top 10.


The NordicTrack E7.0Z is an OK elliptical.  There are NordicTrack ellipticals that I like better but this one is solid and the company actually has a warranty department that will help you solve problems if you have them.


The Plasma 2 in 1 Trainer is supposed to be a cross between an exercise bike and an elliptical but manages to do neither acceptably.  Top it off with poor quality components and design and you have the makings of an #epicfail.


The Efitment – E005 is beyond words to describe how badly you will be getting screwed if you purchase this machine.  Poor design, poor assembly, tiny company trying to service you after you purchase it…maybe not.  They probably have serviced you when you purchased it, just not in the way you were expecting.


The Schwinn 430 is probably one of the biggest disappointments of the group.  With a name like Schwinn you would think that the quality would be good.  You would be wrong.  While better than the no-name direct Chinese imports, the quality is miles behind NordicTrack.


The Stamina In-Motion has the distinction of being the cheapest of the ellipticals here and the quality is quite good.  The only problem is that it isn’t a real elliptical but more of a rehabilitation device.  All-in-all a good value if that is what you are looking for.


The Schwinn 470 is just like the Schwinn 430 … a huge disappointment, and for almost $1K, a massive rip-off.  You are getting the quality that NordicTrack provides for $400 less.  We would pass on it.


The Fitness Reality ES500XL is a poor quality Chinese import.  The only good thing about it is the XL in the name tricks you into believing that it might have something decent about it.  Great name, bad machine.


So my top three ellipticals from the Amazon top 10 bestseller list are:


1. NordicTrack E7.0Z

2. Stamina In-Motion

3. Schwinn 430

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