What is the Best Treadmill?
12 Jul '17

What is the Best Treadmill?

The best treadmill for 2017 from the editors of our Treadmill Doctor reviews is the NordicTrack Commercial 1750. That’s the simple answer if you want the quick and dirty answer. The customized answer is going to be dependent upon your need.


I had a buddy a few weeks ago ask me what was the best treadmill for him and in his case, it was a $400 machine you can get at Walmart. Although he is north of 200 lbs. and he could never regularly use a $400 treadmill without tearing it completely up, but he wasn’t wanting the treadmill for himself. He has an older dog and the vet told him that he needed to get Fido walking. When you live in Memphis summer where the temperatures reach just below the normal daily temperature for the 7th Level of Hell, you think of ways to avoid going outside during the day.


Before doing anything else to help you decide, decide upon a budget. That is the constraint for 90% of the people out there. There are always exceptions but that is the variable that typically rules. I’ve had marathon runners who emailed a question about what to buy and then say they have a $300 max budget. Those people need a gym membership, not a treadmill in their home and I’ve recommended that to certain people.


Even if you have what most people would consider a large budget, at some point, you can’t spend any more. Just to prove this point, I know of several treadmills that were so customized for certain purposes that the cost easily reached 6 figures (over $100,000) for the treadmill. When we helped NASA design a treadmill that can be used without gravity, we manufactured custom parts that were ten times the cost of what could be bought off the shelf but the off the shelf parts wouldn’t work.


So, once you have decided upon the budget, then take a look at our top selections on our website that get updated every year. We try to select machines for a number of price ranges so you have a selection no matter what budget you have. Our selection process puts a premium upon helping you pick something that will hold up rather than the bells and whistles the machine has.


Other variables that can be a major constraint are where you are going to put it (basement or small space for example), how many people are going to be using it, the weight of the heaviest user, if someone is going to be running on it or if you just have walkers. Of course, the most important variable is the one you consider the most important. We have seen people pick the treadmill based on a single factor like the warranty- which is typically a poor idea because you get blinded by the single factor (not to mention that factories that get desperate by using things like a crazy warranties have gone out of business or have an inferior product. Not always, but it would surprise you.


So the best treadmill for you…or Fido is depend upon how you want to use it but a great place to start is by using the reviews on our website along with our top selections to give you an idea of what we think is going to last you the longest.

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