How Do I Compare One Treadmill With Another Treadmill?
6 Jul '17

How Do I Compare One Treadmill With Another Treadmill?

Sometimes it is tough when you don’t have experience with a type of product when you are getting ready to spend a bunch of your hard earned money. It was similar to when I had to buy a new washing machine where you can literally have your mind numbed when you consider the choices.


The same is true for treadmills. Last time we did an extensive survey of the treadmill business, there were over 400 different models being sold in the North American marketplace. You can easily expand that number by over 50% when you consider models that are sold in the remainder of the world that are not sold in the USA.


So where do you start when you literally have hundreds of choices? That’s the $100,000 question! Or at least, that could be the $500, $1000, $1500, or $5000 question for you. First, we suggest you take a deep breath and decide upon your budget. That will narrow down the number of choices drastically. If you decide that you have a $500 budget, you will be able to eliminate a great number of choices and it certainly wouldn’t make sense to consider an $8000 treadmill if your budget is $500.


Once you have your budget in mind, then decide if your needs will make you consider a new or used treadmill. Yes, that is a choice. The secret in the fitness industry is that a large number of the machines that are sold are ever used more than just a few times. I’ve had a number of people ask me, how do I know if the machine has been heavily used or lightly used?


Of course, looking at the machine can help but the sure sign that the treadmill hasn’t been used it look at the person who owns it. If they look like they are ready to run a marathon, chances are the machine is worn out, even if it doesn’t look like it. You would be shocked if you knew how many people who had great intentions and spent $2500 on a machine simply to have it collect dust. Back several years ago, I bought a $2500 True treadmill that was 8 years old and never used for a bit more than $500.


The gems are out there to pick up but always be careful when buying used. So if you want to buy new but need to compare your selection choices, you can always look at our latest reviews. That’s how we got started doing reviews. People like me decided that the best way to select a new machine was to ask the people who repair them.


When you rely on consumer reviews, many times the person is trying to justify their purchase or has just started to own the machine and there is no repair or maintenance history. When you ask people who repair them all the time, they know which ones are a nightmare.


That’s what happened when I searched for a washer. I know a guy that sells appliance parts so I went to his office and asked what he owns and what would he buy and it was the best advice I’ve had on a product purchase in the last several years.

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