What Could Happen?
17 May '17

What Could Happen?

Imagine if your just took a first step today- both literally and figuratively. The first step to fitness can often be the hardest but what could happen if you take that step today? Then tomorrow you take another step. Then, the day after tomorrow, you take another and another step. What would happen for your health?


You just have to make the decision to take that step. The problem that we encounter is that we believe that there is always tomorrow. We can start tomorrow, we can start next Monday, we can start on the first of the month, or we can start on January 1st next year and then everything is going to be fine.


The problem with tomorrow is there is always another tomorrow in your mind but in reality, tomorrow never comes. There is only here and now. No one is guaranteed another day, hour, minute, or second. If you are going to get started, start now! Quit reading this blog post and get moving.


Are you still reading this post? Why are you still reading this post? Your eyes aren’t going to give you the workout you need. The only way to get things done is to start doing them.


If you still need more motivation, think about your life 10 years from now. You know how much your body has started to turn against you in the last 10 years. Imagine what it is going to be like 10 years from now if you do nothing. Pain, aches, limited ability to do some of all of the activities that you like. That’s what it is going to be like and every day that you put off doing something about it is going to make it that much worse.


Do you see why I say that the time to start is now?!? You might ask, “what’s with all this 10 years business? I thought you said there is no tomorrow, only the here and now?” The absolute truth is there is only the here and now but if you make no preparations for tomorrow, you are going to be left holding the bag and that’s a bag that you don’t want.


It is the same as when, after a back injury, the orthopedic surgeon asked me if I wanted to be in a wheelchair when I was in my 40’s. The perspective helped me make the right choice about continuing to play college football. It wasn’t guaranteed but the mental image of being in a wheelchair while everyone else was able bodied was enough motivation for me to quit football.


Maybe that is the kind of motivation you need to start your exercise program. Think about your family or friends having fun while you have to be connected to an oxygen tank with a tube. Maybe just the idea of body pain so bad that it is debilitating works for you. It might take visualizing a wheelchair but whatever it takes, think about it enough to help you take that first step today.

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