Death & Taxes
19 Apr '17

Death & Taxes

As I’m writing this, tax day was yesterday and it reminded me of Benjamin Franklin’s famous phrase, “in this world nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes.” I’ve said in the past that we at Treadmill Doctor have a great reason to come to work every morning; we are helping people maintain a regular exercise routine so they can have a longer, healthier, more productive, and more enjoyable life. That’s a great reason to go to work every day.

The problem we have is that no matter how much we exercise, eventually we all die. That’s one of the two certainties in life according to Dr. Franklin. You might ask, if I’m going to die, why bother exercising? The reasons are what was stated earlier as our reason to go to work. Regardless if it adds a day to your life, your life will be more enjoyable if you are able to be productive- even if that is gardening. If you are healthier, you spend less of your time bored out of your mind in the doctor’s office.

Those are good reasons to eat healthy and exercise regularly. But there are others; notably, the healthier you are, the less you have to take medications that have serious side effects that can severely limit your ability to perform regular daily functions or require that you take other medications.

At one point, when I had my health crisis in 2010, the doctors had me taking 28 prescription pills a day which I was able to drastically reduce by losing 100 lbs. and getting on a regular exercise routine. Many of the pills were to cover side effects of some of the other drugs they were prescribing. Many people who have begun a regular exercise routine have been able to completely eliminate medication because it can lower blood pressure, lowers your diabetes risk, improves breathing and can improve your immune system.

Eating healthier didn’t hurt this process either. The more science progresses on exercise and healthy eating, we have been able to understand that not only is exercise important, but also how you fuel your body can have a significant impact upon your ability to live a long, productive, and heathy life.

If you aren’t convinced, that’s ok. It took a medical emergency to get me back on a regular fitness routine. Other upsides of regular exercise are that with the improved blood flow and more efficient operation of your body, it can improve your brain health too. Studies have shown that it can improve memory as well as possibly improving risk of Dementia and Alzheimer’s.

So, if you are certain to have to pay taxes every time you get your paycheck and having to fill out that ridiculous tax return every year, be certain also that one day you are going to die. Everything else is a coin flip including the time you have left on this Earth. So, if you can do something to improve your odds, why wouldn’t you?

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