What Goes Down Must Come Up
4 Jan '17

What Goes Down Must Come Up

No, we aren’t talking about the effects of Viagra in this week’s blog post, rather we are talking about the most essential element of every day of your life…food! What you eat makes a huge difference in your desire, availability, and ability to work out on a regular basis. It also can have an enormous effect upon your results.


Yet, with the importance of how you fuel your body, very few people take an active role in determining what goes “down the hatch,” so to speak. Typically, picking up a meal while we are on the run has more importance than actually planning what we eat. Most people spend more time thinking about how they will fuel their car compared with the time they spend thinking about fueling their body.


For many people, beginning to take a new view of food has a very strong psychological impact upon their attitude regarding what they eat. If you can change the way you view food, you are better able to choose better food to fuel your body. For those who look at food as a source of pleasure or a reward, they are more likely to choose food that is not the best for your body. For those who look at food as fuel, you are more likely to choose food that is better for your body.


In some cases, it might require counseling to rework your view of food but it will be an investment in your health that will pay dividends for years. If you put junk in your tank, you will have junky results. In regard to food, it is the same as if you get a bad tank of gas in your car…unless you have a Tesla. I’m sure you have had the impact of an overly rich dessert or an overindulgence of rich foods. Thanksgiving is a great example of this. In my family, everyone would sit down and overstuff themselves and then everyone would look for a good place to collapse and nap. If this is a daily ritual, then you can easily see why you might get poor results.


This is a result of not thinking about food as fuel rather than as a pleasurable activity. If you have one time changes in your dietary habits, that is not something to chastise yourself concerning but if it becomes a daily habit, expect the results that common sense would dictate. Just like in the computer world, the acronym GIGO stands true (garbage in, garbage out).


So, for the New Year, the best resolution that you might be able to make is just change your view of food. Rather than trying to kill off entire swaths of the food universe, determine to think differently. My own personal experience has been to put signs in areas where I have tended to snack. Mindless eating can be more of a detriment than anything else and if you have a sign there that says, “food is fuel” that can help reorient your thinking better than anything else I have found.

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