Treadmill Doctor’s Elliptical of the Year for 2017 NordicTrack FreeStrider FS7i
7 Dec '16

Treadmill Doctor’s Elliptical of the Year for 2017 NordicTrack FreeStrider FS7i

My wife made me go on a diet last year.  Since I love meat, I really didn’t mind.  She put me on one of those high protein, low to no carbohydrate diets.  I really don’t have a sweet tooth so really the only thing I was giving up that I liked was potatoes.  From these first sentences, you can probably tell I’m the picture of health!  After a month of eating steak, beef, turkey, eggs, etc. you might think I was a proverbial hog wallowing in a mud hole.  And while I probably resemble that statement I can assure you I was hating life.  Eating the same thing day after day week after week was sheer misery. 


Most years that is exactly what doing our elliptical reviews felt like.  Looking at the unimaginative ellipticals that the manufacturers and factories produce year after year is mind numbing.  It seems that each factory produces the same product in the same way with minor variations that hardly seem to distinguish themselves from each other.  An inch of stride length here, an extra program there.  It makes you wonder if there is a suicide problem with the engineers that design these machines due to the monotony of the job.  I can assure you that reviewing these incredibly boring designs has had me in the depths of mental health at times.


That’s why our elliptical of the year this year gives me hope for the future of elliptical design.


The NordicTrack FreeStrider FS7i is our elliptical of the year for 2017.


The FS7i is not the same old, same old that you see from most factories.  The user defined stride for one is dramatically different from what most factories other than Precor are selling.  A user defined stride means that the stride changes based on your body’s motion without pushing any buttons or making mechanical adjustments.  The machine stride naturally fits your body’s natural motion.  On top of that NordicTrack put a 7” touch screen on the machine for its control.  Now if you are not into electronics you probably don’t care about the touchscreen but let me tell you, it’s not like anybody else is giving touchscreen consoles for under $2K!  What I really like about the machine is that everything is just different from what you find from other manufacturers.  You can just feel the quality and the design when you step on the machine. 


That being said, this machine isn’t perfect.  All machines break and when this one does you get to deal with NordicTrack’s excellent customer service system.  That is sarcasm.  NordicTrack’s customer service is a nightmare to deal with so pray you don’t have a failure.


So, to sum up the NordicTrack FreeStrider FS7i is an excellent change of pace to give us our Elliptical of the Year and while I have been hating life reviewing the same old ellipticals every year, the FS7i is just different enough to give me hope for the future.  Just like I can eventually fit into smaller pants when this diet is over.

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  1. Donny
    5:40 pm January 7, 2017

    Interesting review…but if Customer Service is SO BAD…why does it get good ratings?  These are mechanical machines under heavy load and they are likely to need repairs eventually.  How can this company stay in business when the Customer Service is horrible?  People don't want to spend thousands of dollars to have more headaches in life to they?   Only an idiott would want more problems in life.  All the reviews I read indicate Customer Service is a nightmare!  And…that's no joke..the kind of nightmare you loose sleep over!   Unbelievable a company of this size doesn't get it…Customer Service is the #1 priority!

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