Treadmill Doctor 2017 Video Treadmill & Elliptical Reviews
23 Nov '16

Treadmill Doctor 2017 Video Treadmill & Elliptical Reviews

Beginning with our reviews for 2017, we have changed the format in our reviews to more carefully curate which models we review and then our editorial staff got together and picked 10 treadmills that we believe are the best options on the market in terms of quality and price and then we picked the 10 ellipticals that we believe are the best options following the same criteria as the treadmills. Additionally, we decided to name a “Treadmill of the Year” and an “Elliptical of the Year.”


As a result of having fewer top selections, we are able to spend the money to produce videos of our Treadmill of the Year and the Elliptical of the Year models as well as all of the 10 Best selections for both treadmills and ellipticals. We are in the process of rolling these out on the review pages of the individual machine pages as well as out on social media.


We plan to roll these out on Facebook as soon as they are ready and we will start posting these videos beginning this week. We should be able to post a new video once every four to five days.


We are expecting to have all the videos done by January 2017 and will roll them out as they are completed. We are excited about getting the videos out to you because they are a combination of what we have offered in the past with a new media form so expect great information along with our bent sense of humor.


So what does all of this mean for you? What we hope is that the videos will give you a great way to consume our content on the go, without having to read tiny review text on a mobile device, and also have our well researched and highly regarded opinion with you at all times…especially when you are facing a salesperson. What we have found is that people who have seen our reviews are many times more informed and educated than the people selling the equipment, especially at mass market stores.


Although I appreciate the irony of talking about how great our videos will be on a written blog, we hope that these videos help you in your search for the best machine in order to help you reach your fitness goals. This is one more step to help you “solve your problem to keep you moving!”

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