Personal Pain Management Wrapping It All Up
2 Nov '16

Personal Pain Management Wrapping It All Up

Have you ever been at a party and the music was playing and you were trying to do the latest dance and you were failing horribly? Maybe it is just me, but the few times I’ve tried it, I have felt uncomfortable and self conscious. You can get the same type of feeling when you start to take control of your own pain management. Unfortunately, there is no “silver bullet” test that can tell you exactly what is causing your pain or how it can be addressed like an X-Ray for a broken bone or an MRI for a herniated disc.


With pain, it can be more like a dance where you try different things, get some professional help from your doctor but I would encourage you to take the reins of this task. You know your body better than your doctor and your body tells you when there is a problem and, unfortunately, your body doesn’t whisper that to your doctor. It would make this process much easier but your body simply doesn’t.


So, to take the bull by the horns, so to speak, a great place to start is to decide where you want to go because to borrow a phrase, if you don’t have a destination any road will get you there. You have to make a decision of how your best day in your recent life that has been controlled by pain would look.


When I started writing this series, for the first time I did this. I sat down and decided what my ideal day would be like and startlingly, not only did I achieve my aspiration, I have exceeded it and now I’m planning an even better day that I hope to reach shortly. If you could have been there with me at the beginning of my journey years ago so racked with pain that I couldn’t get out of bed more than a couple of hours a day to the progress I’ve made today, you wouldn’t believe its the same person. I believe that it can be the same for you but you first have to decide where you want to go.


Then, with the consultation of your doctor, try as many things as you can to learn how to manage and maybe even resolve your pain! Wouldn’t that be a great thing? I would love it but I’m in the group that most likely will be managing my pain the rest of my life. Hopefully, we have discussed many things that will give you relief. My journey has lead me through trial after trial, discarding those things that don’t work and doubling down on those things that work.


As time has passed, it seems more like a dance every day and I’m getting better and better at it and my hopes and prayers are that it will get better and better for you each day. It’s not an easy dance to learn but I hope you will be tearing up the dance floor and maybe letting you forget about your pain for at least a few moments every day.


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