2017 Treadmill and Elliptical Reviews
16 Nov '16

2017 Treadmill and Elliptical Reviews

The new reviews are in the can and our IT department is working on getting them online for you. 2017 will be our 20th year of doing reviews so with reaching that milestone, we stepped back for a moment and evaluated everything from what we do, how we do it, how you view it, and how much we do. Once we had evaluated everything, we decided to throw most everything out and completely reimagine our reviews.


You will see the results shortly. You have been telling us that #1- you don’t want as broad a coverage of the market. The reviews that get the most traffic, get enormous multiples of visits than the least popular. Even those reviews that get lighter traffic get multiples of visits than the most lightly trafficked reviews. #2- as a result of #1, you want us to more carefully curate what we review. This resulted in our careful selection of approximately 100 treadmills and 100 ellipticals to do a review. This was enough for us to still give you a broad view of the market without putting so much information out there that it just confuses you. #3- there was a cognitive disconnect between a $300 treadmill and a “best buy” award. We no longer have to get a top selection to a piece of junk. We have thrown out the “best buy” list and now have a “10 Best” list. We also stepped out on the edge of the limb and will name a “2017 Treadmill of the Year” and a “2017 Elliptical of the Year.” Feel free to lampoon our choices at your peril. #4- more people are using mobile devices and preferences are changing to video so our entire “10 Best” list and top pick for treadmills and ellipticals will have a 3 minute entertaining review video that includes information on the machine as well as our dry sense of humor.


You will still be able to read a review of each model as well, but now, every machine will have a picture, our full list of specifications, consumer reviews of the machine (if available), and where you can buy it. As a result of the “where to buy” link, we will now be using Amazon’s affiliate program so if you follow the Amazon link and buy a product, we will be compensated. We still will NOT develop an affiliate relationship with any factory so if you click on an ad from Vision, for instance, we only get paid for displaying the ad. We get nothing if you buy a machine direct from the factory. Since Amazon now offers such a wide range of machines, we aren’t getting compensated to direct you to any one manufacturer so we are able to still maintain a standard of not playing favorites simply because one pays a bigger commission than another. The problem that we have been running into is that fewer and fewer people click on the ads so we are forced to find revenue elsewhere to pay for the reviews.


The final and probably biggest piece of the new puzzle was how to keep you updated. Every year, people put machines on sale or have a recall or something that really needs your attention and we only do the reviews once a year. We have now added a newsfeed from our forum to the reviews so if you want to find the latest “Black Friday” deal where some factory has lost their collective minds and are giving away the product, just click over to our forum and we will update you. Let us know if you find something newsworthy so we can let everyone else know too.


The new reviews for 2017 are on the way and we hope you enjoy the changes that we have made to help keep our reviews relevant.

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