Personal Pain Management With Pressure Point Therapy
5 Oct '16

Personal Pain Management With Pressure Point Therapy

In my journey with Personal Pain Management, I’ve learned to try a number of things to relieve the pain and one of the therapies that I have learned to love is Pressure Point Therapy. This is especially helpful when I have spot muscle pain in a given area like my neck, upper back, or lower back. I’m always on alert when I see or hear about something that can relieve my pain so when I was watching Shark Tank one evening, I saw a product called a Q-Flex that looked like something that was worth a try and only for $25, if it was a total flop, no problem.


The Q-Flex is like many other Pressure Point Therapy devices although I liked the grip and the way the device was formed in order to make sure the pressure was appropriate. Since the Q-Flex worked so well for me, I haven’t tried any of the other devices I’ve seen out but I know people who have used them and they also say they work well.


What you typically have working on you when you are experiencing spot muscle pain is the muscle is knotting up and the theory is that if you target the knot with varying levels of pressure, the muscle will relax and the pain and tightness will be relieved or go away. I’ve had good luck using these, especially when I don’t want to take a muscle relaxer pill and when I can feel the knots coming on.


It is simple to use. You simply find the offending muscle or group of muscles and use fingers or have a helper feel for the knot in your muscle (if it is on your back where you can’t reach) and then put the tip of the Q-Flex on the knot and apply pressure. I will typically use it for as little as 5-10 minutes and will receive significant relief from this simple act. If I have multiple muscles with tightness or pain, I will repeat the steps on the additional muscles.


Not sure what the company has planned but they build the product at too high of a standard to create repeat purchases. I bought mine right after it first appeared on Shark Tank in 2014 and it works the same today as it did then so the durability of the product is without question. I’m sure you could break it if you ran it over with a tank but this is far different than the heat packs I have to reorder about every 90 days.


So if you have muscles that are in need of pain relief and you can’t use Icy Hot due to the smell or if the pain is more intense than a HeatWrap will solve, then a Pressure Point Therapy might be a good tool for you to give a try. The best part about it is that it is cheap, long lasting, and if it works for you, will be another good tool to put in your toolbox to help treat your chronic pain.


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