Personal Pain Management Through Heat Therapy
21 Sep '16

Personal Pain Management Through Heat Therapy

When approaching pain management like I have had to do personally over the past 20

years, I’ve learned that pain cannot be treated by a simple, single therapy. You must

employ multiple therapies unless you want to be on a Morphine drip the rest of your life.

One of the most effective methods that I have used to manage my pain levels is heat

therapy. Heat therapy can come in multiple forms:

  • Heat therapy by using hot water
  • Heat therapy by using heat packs
  • Heat therapy by using chemical applications

My favorite heat therapy using hot water is a hot tub or spa. You can literally feel the

knots in your muscles melt away as you get into the hot water and the jets create a

hydrotherapy experience that is second to none. I’ve had two hot tubs over the past 20

years and am looking for my next one so although these can be an investment, they can

last a long time. You can also experience hot water therapy through hot baths & hot

showers but nothing I’ve experienced beats a hot tub when you have the temp at 104

degrees and the therapy jets running. Other hot water therapies that I have used are hot

steam towels and moist heat packs. These can be great for use when you need spot


Heat Therapy by Using Heat Packs

Another form of heat therapy is the use of heat packs. Although I already mentioned

using moist heat packs, my favorite use is dry heat packs. These can be easily

concealed under clothing if you use a Thermacare product but there are now dozens of

similar alternatives to the Thermacare brand. Personally, I still use the Thermacare

brand although I have tried many of the generics. These are activated by air so you

simply tear the pack open and apply to the spot where you need relief. My upper back /

neck area is the one I most commonly use for this therapy. You can also use heating

pads but always be careful with these. You don’t want to fall asleep on a heating pad

because they have burned people when they have been fallen asleep upon. Just to

mention another dry heat therapy I have tried but didn’t have substantial results was by

using a sauna. Some people swear by them so I would encourage you to give it a try if

you have access or prefer a sauna.

Heat Therapy by Using Chemical Applications

One therapy I have returned to using lately is chemical applications. In fact, I just

ordered the Sombra Warm Therapy Gel to give it a try. We will see how it does. I have

also used Icy Hot and the accompanying generics although my favorite of those over

the counter applications to date is Aspercreme Heat. These are simply spot applied to

the areas where you are experiencing pain and the chemicals react and generate spot

heat to help relieve muscle and joint pain. These have been very effective to help me

reduce the use of prescription medications and over the counter pain relievers.

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