HIIT Training – Is it for me?
20 Jul '16

HIIT Training – Is it for me?

HIIT Training is an acronym for High Intensity Interval Training. For once, there is a name that means exactly what it says. In HIIT, you have very strenuous intervals of exercise followed by intervals of less intense recovery exercise. Usually, HIIT workouts are shorter than less intense exercise such as jogging, walking, and the like. Although I know personal trainers who have adapted HIIT in a less intense form by combining walking and jogging for those who need a less intense workout.


Regardless of how you choose to employ HIIT, the important thing to remember is that this is not a workout for beginners. There has been tons of research done on HIIT workouts and we are not going to cover that here but if you want to read about the research, you can find it all over Google.


Just keep in mind, if the idea of HIIT interests you but you haven’t done it before, it would be highly recommended to involve a health professional to help you setup your training. HIIT will stress your system more than what you might consider a normal workout. Keeping this in mind, it would be wise to seek counsel to make sure you stay safe when you are learning and implementing this new workout.


My favorite thing about HIIT is that it makes a workout really interesting. You have an interval of intense activity followed by a lowered stress interval and then when I am in the rest period, I am strategizing for the next intense period. This is similar to when you are biking and you have a big hill and then you can reduce the effort level once you get to a level surface or if you top the hill and head downhill.


Another big upside about HIIT is that it gives you small accomplishments all throughout your workout so if you are motivated by getting things done, HIIT training might be for you. Personally, this is what attracts me to HIIT. I like getting the small reward of completing the higher intensity segment and then I can get ready for another reward by completing the next interval.


With the progression of the microprocessor, you now have the ability on many treadmills or ellipticals to program your own HIIT workout inside the user program section of the machine. Not every machine on the market is equipped with this ability but in the marketplace today, if your machine cost more than $800, the chances that it has the ability to be programmed by you is very high.


If your machine has the ability to program in your own workout, you can craft the workout exactly to your needs and you can also adjust and edit the workout to perfectly fit it to exactly what you want. So, if you have a problem with your workout being boring, you might consider a HIIT workout. Personally, it makes my workout more interesting, challenging, and can motivate you to keep your consistency at a very high level.

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