Clinton or Trump? Either One Makes No Difference
27 Jul '16

Clinton or Trump? Either One Makes No Difference

Every four years, Americans have to make an important choice or at least that is what the smart people on the TV and websites tell us. The real important choice though is the one you make every day. Most people don’t realize it but they face a much more monumental choice each and every day! When the alarm goes off in the morning, do you vote for your health or do you vote for obesity, sickness, lower quality of life, and early death?


The choices you make every day will cumulatively be much more important to you and your family than the “once in every 4 years” choice you make for President. Just like compound interest that you learned about in school, compound choices have an equal and major impact upon your health.


It is easy to say that one choice makes no difference but it is just like your teeth…whatever you ignore doesn’t solve itself and the only thing that goes away if you ignore it is your teeth. People have found that politics is similar to your health. If you ignore it long enough, your realize that you have a real problem because the people that represent you don’t share your views. If you ignore your health, you will find that your body is equally working against your best interests.


Just the other day, I heard of an interesting way to try to combat the apathy that most people have regarding taking care of their health. The plan is to tell yourself that you will get up when the alarm rings and simply drive to the gym. Your plan is not to work out necessarily but simply to go to the gym and then once you get there, you might as well work out but the goal is simply to drive to the gym.


If you decide to turn around and go home, you have still won! I know it is counterintuitive, but one trainer I was listening to on the radio starting using it with his clients and he claimed that he never had a person that eventually didn’t develop a habit of working out consistently when using this method.


It is similar to start off a workout by only doing 2 minutes on the treadmill and adding a set increment each day, week, or the like. By starting off with very short hurdles, you can eventually get to progressively bigger and bigger hurdles and before you know it, you will be sailing across goals that you couldn’t have imagined at the start.


Incrementalism works in a number of different areas of life so if you are having trouble getting into a workout routine, set yourself up for success and make tiny goals and then as you consistently reach those goals, raise the bar just a bit. Over time as you reach the new goal, raise it again until you are consistently doing what you thought you would never do!

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