5 Ways to Discourage People to Exercise
29 Jun '16

5 Ways to Discourage People to Exercise

I’m continually amazed at people who make every effort to discourage people to exercise. You would think that if someone is trying to better themselves, the rest of us would be grown up enough to encourage them to continue in their quest. That’s not always the case.


One of the most frightening activities is when you are completely out of shape and you are trying to go to the gym for the first time. You can see some of the regulars with ripped bodies slowly shaking their heads or staring at the newcomers like they just hopped off a flying saucer from Mars. You give someone who is making an effort to start again enough of this type of treatment, and you will never see them again.


If you think through it, when someone totally out of shape joins a gym, the rest of the gym should celebrate. Here is someone who wasn’t in a healthy lifestyle who is giving an immense amount of effort trying to get into a healthy lifestyle. They should be celebrated, not discouraged.


Although some physical conditions exist that can make it impossible for a person to lose weight, it is not a common health problem and usually someone has had a sedentary lifestyle which has cause the person’s metabolism to slow to a crawl. Additionally, muscle burns calories so if your body fat has increased, the weight your body is carrying is burning fewer calories, especially if you have been sedentary.


If someone comes from a family that has multiple members who are chronically out of shape, the assumption is they just have “bad genes.” You wouldn’t say that if you knew people who are marathon runners and their close blood relatives are chronically out of shape. In my experience, when you have families that are out of shape, you are going to find generational bad choices that results in the same bad repercussions.


It makes no sense that people who are proud of what they have accomplished would try to discourage those who are trying to make the same journey. I suppose it is human nature to make fun of people when they are different from you but most of the people who are starting off have already climbed out on a limb and your discouragement simply cuts the limb off just as they have reached the end of the limb.


So, let’s discover the 5 best ways to discourage someone who is trying to be healthier through regular exercise.


1.    Laugh at someone who is trying to improve themselves.

2.    Tell someone that is trying that it isn’t worth their effort.

3.    Let someone know that they will always be fat.

4.    Remind people that they have “bad genes” and there’s nothing they can do.

5.    Tempt someone who is trying to cut back with poor food choices.

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