The 3 BIGGIES That Derail Your Fitness Routine
18 Feb '15

The 3 BIGGIES That Derail Your Fitness Routine

While much is made about starting a fitness program, something equally sinister trips up millions of people a year…interruptions that derail their routine. Some think that athletic ability or high fitness acumen is required but in reality, the one key component of a successful fitness program is consistency.

With that in mind the three biggies that we commonly see time and time again are:

1. Injury. Nothing will derail your quicker and with longer lasting repercussions than an injury. A few years ago I was getting extremely consistent with my weight lifting and so, like an idiot I decided to increase my lifting weight too rapidly. The net result was that I pulled a pec muscle so badly that the strain showed up on an X-ray. The doctor told me that you really have to do a number on a muscle to get an injury like that to show up on an X-ray. The injury was so bad that I couldn't lift for two months with my upper body and it took nearly a year to fully recover. In another instance long ago, I injured my shoulder so badly that I can still feel it today when lifting and the injury happened years and years ago.

2. Sickness. Nearly as important as preventing injury is keeping yourself in top health. Both the frequency and duration of illnesses are a HUGE impediment to keeping a regular fitness routine. We don’t sell vitamins or supplements but I’m a big believer in quality OTC heath aids. They have kept me healthier and shortened the duration and severity when I have picked up a bug. It is something to look into but do your research first because that’s a business where people can take advantage of you. Everyone in my house picked up and passed around a bug a few weeks ago and although I have had some severe health problems in the past and have had trouble with my immune system, this time with the help of vitamins I had the shortest and least extensive bout with the bug.

3. Equipment failure. Just like your health, if you neglect your machine, it will fail when the most inopportune time arrives. What we regularly tell people is that if you will just keep it clean and keep the moving parts lubricated, you can prevent 80% of the problems out there with your equipment. If you hear something that doesn’t sound right, handle the issue rather than ignoring it. Remember, the only thing that goes away if you ignore it is your teeth! Replace wear parts when you notice they are struggling like the wheels or ramp on an elliptical or the belts on a treadmill and it can easily double the life of the machine.

Obviously you can’t eliminate all interruptions but many of the issues I have faced that have derailed my personal exercise program were ENTIRELY preventable. My guess is that in your own experience, this is likely the case too.

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