3 Tips to Avoid Overeating During the Holidays
10 Dec '14

3 Tips to Avoid Overeating During the Holidays

Have you ever gone into the holiday season around Thanksgiving saying, “this year I’m going to be good?” As you were finishing off an entire pumpkin pie you promised yourself that you would do better at Christmas. You had a passing thought about that promise as you were polishing off an entire box of Godiva chocolate!

People ask me how I lost nearly 100 lbs. 4 years ago and how I have kept the weight off. I used these tactics:

1.    Freeze your hunger.

I took this from Dave Ramsey. He hates credit cards and tells people that if you keep one, put it in a frozen block of ice in the freezer so you give yourself time to think about it while the card is thawing out. Let’s say you love Godiva chocolate and your whole family knows this so you get 3 boxes for Christmas. Put them in the freezer. If you have serious control issues, eating a frozen caramel might burn more calories than eating an entire stalk of celery. When they are frozen, you have to put it out and let it sit for a couple of hours at room temperature to be ready to eat. Don’t pull out the entire box, only a single piece at a time.

2.    No treats from Costco.

I love the deals at Costco, don’t get me wrong but if you buy treats at Costco, you get a MASSIVE quantity. I know it costs less per piece than from the convenience store but if you buy the 5 lb. bag of Hershey’s Kisses at Costco, you will eventually eat the entire bag. Do you really need that pallet of holiday cookies. I know they are a great deal but unless you want to be moved around by a forklift on a pallet, buy your treats in single serving sizes and pay more per ounce. Also, when you only buy a single serving, remember that a half gallon of ice cream is not a single serving size. Which brings us to our final point:

3.    Half it up.

When I lost my weight, people asked me how I did it. The secret included more exercise and a good diet but I didn’t deprive myself. When I wanted a piece of chocolate, I got one. When I wanted ice cream, I would go and get a single scoop. The key was a simple piece of advice my doctor gave me, which was when you pull what you want from the box or bag or when you serve out your food on a plate, put 1/2 of it back. He said he had other patients that would half it on their plate and only eat half but I found when I tried that, I ended up just taking an extra bite or two so I just put 1/2 back every time. This worked like a charm and it will for you if you don’t double the portion on the front end.

Keep these in mind when you are having that Christmas or New Year’s party or if you decide to treat your shopping exhaustion with an entire package of Mrs. Field’s chocolate chip cookies.

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