3 Secret Hacks of Celebrity Fitness Trainers That Can Make You Into a Fitness Star
3 Dec '14

3 Secret Hacks of Celebrity Fitness Trainers That Can Make You Into a Fitness Star

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I hear the excuse all the time that Jillian Michaels, Bob Harper, and the like “can be fit but I’m not a fitness freak and I’m not an elite athlete.” People use this excuse so they can continue to eat whatever they want, lay on the couch, and continue to waste away and harm their quality of life, develop health issues that seriously limit their lifestyle, and eventually die prematurely from the havoc these issues eventually cause.

After people make these excuses, they flip on The Biggest Loser and see “reality” TV and say what I say, which is “if I did daily workouts like those on this show, I would have a fatal heart attack!” What they don’t tell you is that you don’t have to do this type of workout to be seriously in shape. There are shortcuts (hacks) and you don’t have to hire an expensive trainer or spend thousands on equipment. These hacks are:

  1. Start slowly. I tell people all the time that you would try to run a marathon without training for it. I know a number of marathon runners and they always follow this secret. Even they start slowly and build up with the event as their training goal. You can’t train at full speed all the time or you will burn yourself up just like you can burn up a motor by running it at full speed all the time. Most people don’t realize it but F1 racing engines have to be rebuilt after a single race. The same holds true for you if you try to max out ever time you workout.
  2. Develop consistency. The key to fitness success is consistency. It is also the killer of fitness success. If you want to feel good about fitness, do what a great number of people do and spend $500 on a machine and then set it in a corner and forget about it. If you want to get in shape, get the job done every day. If you set your schedule, meet it regularly and don’t use excuses and certainly don’t lie to yourself. Remember, that they Grand Canyon was amazingly made by water erosion but it didn’t do it overnight.
  3. Set achievable goals. The biggest secret is that people want to look like Jillian or like Brad Pitt within one month. It doesn’t work that way. The people you see on TV and the movies that have ripped abs and can run a marathon started with achievable goals. They started slowly and worked consistently, and made achievable plateaus. Remember to reward yourself but don’t do it all the time. Remember Christmas comes once a year but it wouldn’t be special if you had Christmas every day.

What most people don’t realize is that many of these trainers are celebrity trainers because they too were severely out of shape and in some cases, bordering on serious health problems from their overeating and sedentary lifestyle. The reason they have a passion for it is because they know the power of these three secrets.

You don’t have to have the goal of having your own TV show to be a fitness star but you must have these three key hacks to achieve any level of fitness success.

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