Tell Your Personal Trainer to Jump in the Lake!
26 Nov '14

Tell Your Personal Trainer to Jump in the Lake!

Personal trainers can be a passionate lot. I know of one personal trainer here in our town that was an Olympic Gold Medalist and she runs her personal training sessions in a way that you would imagine an Olympic athlete would do. It is simply crazy and, if you want intense, she’s your gal but most of us would be scared of that kind of workout and personally, I’m a bit scared of her!

I’ve had a number of friends over the years that are personal trainers. Most trainers absolutely love exercise and that’s why they are training people. I’ve known a number of professional athletes that become trainers after their professional career is over. What most of these people lack is perspective.

If you want to be the next Carl Lewis or Michael Phelps, you might need a trainer with the intensity of a Marine drill sergeant but the average person has nothing near that level of need. Most of us just need to get moving again.

That’s why if you need help from a personal trainer and you run into someone that chews on anvils for breakfast, your best bet might be to move on to the next one. The ugly truth is that most people in the world are sedentary and the more developed the society, the greater chance that you have the daily movement of a Redwood tree.

I’m not trying to shame anyone and I speak more for myself than anyone else. I made some big changes a few years ago after a health scare and I want you to get moving without having to have the boot of a health emergency kicking you in the rear.

What you don’t want to do is start off with such intensity that you get it firmly planted in your mind that working out on a regular basis is for a select few rather than for everyone. So, if you have had the exercise pattern of a garden slug, you might want to start out with something as simple as 5 or 10 minutes of sustained walking. When you start out slowly, it is easy to increase your effort.

I know of a few people who have started out with a simple stretching routine and once they regained some flexibility, they started doing a brief workout routine. The important thing is to start moving because movement is life.

So when you decide to get started and want some help from a professional trainer, make sure to get someone that understands where you are and wants to slowly bring you along and hopefully can motivate you by making exercise fun.

It is similar to when you change your eating patterns. When I started eating salads (I still hate salads), I told myself that eating salads were a PERMANENT change for me. I wasn’t going to do it for 4 weeks or 6 months, but rather for the rest of my life. The same is true with exercise so you want a program with which you can live. So, if you get a trainer that seems like they are preparing to cast you in the next Rambo film, tell your personal trainer to jump in the lake.

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