Eat More Chocolate! An Unusual Piece of Advice from a Fitness Expert
12 Nov '14

Eat More Chocolate! An Unusual Piece of Advice from a Fitness Expert

dark chocolate

I’ve lost and maintained the loss of nearly 100 lbs. over the last four years. You probably want to know, how did you do it? My answer is easy, I ate chocolate!

Let’s start that my expertise lies in the area of fitness equipment but fortunately, over my life I have learned volumes about the human body from some of the smartest PhD’s in the areas of kinesiology, fitness, and nutrition.

That brings me back to my general advice- Eat More Chocolate! What I learned is why I already knew but never practiced. To have sustained weight loss you must increase physical activity (Facebook doesn’t count), change your mindset regarding food, and eat better- don’t go on a diet.

Starting with the last piece of advice first, dark chocolate has tons of antioxidants primarily from Flavonoids which according to the University of Michigan, can lower LDL (bad) cholesterol, help prevent blood clots, and might decrease blood pressure. This is the same ingredient in red wine that has health benefits.

Eating less is not good enough. Now I will readily eat a spinach salad instead of having a side of fries. I don’t prefer but I choose a piece of skinless grilled chicken instead of a burger, and instead of having a milk chocolate Hershey’s Kiss, I eat a small piece of dark chocolate.

You also have to change your ideas about food. Food is fuel and for my first 40 years it was about celebration and enjoyment. That gravy train is over! I don’t deprive myself completely but now I realize that to keep 100 lbs. off I have to think differently about food and it all can’t be a treat.

Physical activity was what I always turned to because that was my specialty. At one time I weighed 285 lbs. and had body fat that was just north of 11% body fat. For those laymen out there, that’s good, really good! The problem was I was an in-shape big man and when I stopped playing college football, the activity slowed but the eating didn’t.

It took decades but the weight added up until my body couldn’t take it any more. With this revelation 4 years ago, I am now on a course to live healthy and that includes activity. It doesn’t have to be much but 20 to 30 minutes of brisk walking per day can make a world of difference. Get a dog and walk her around the block a few times a day. She’ll love you for it and you’ll get your walking done.

It might require radical change but it doesn’t have to require a radical lifestyle change. The first is mindset (1) think about food differently, (2) eat smaller portions of the right foods, and (3) get moving and build up…even if you start with a minute a day…each journey starts with the first step. Remember, movement is life but it isn’t everything. Don’t forget, food is fuel so Eat More Chocolate, just make sure it is the right kind!

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