Developing Your Cardio Endurance through Treadmill Use
30 Jul '13

Developing Your Cardio Endurance through Treadmill Use

So, you have decided to take on the challenge of increasing your cardio endurance. What now?  It is easy enough to just jog or run until you basically collapse on the ground, but there are safer and more effective ways to develop.  If you wanted to lift weights, you wouldn’t try to bench press a three-hundred pound barbell right off the bat.  You would first need to build up your strength bit by bit, adding more and more weight as your muscles develop and increase. The same concept can be applied to running: you build bit by bit from each workout, and eventually you will see improved results.

Cardiovascular endurance is critical for one’s overall health.  However, it is very difficult to build up the ability to run for even short distances at first; this is why we have the treadmill.  If you walk into a gym anywhere in the country, the first thing you will likely notice are the rows and rows of treadmill machines.  Even better, you can purchase a treadmill for your own home, which saves on time, travel and gym fees.  Ultimately, wherever you decide to work out, the amount of effort that you put in is what matters the most.

For someone who has never really had a lot of experience with cardio, a good starting point is to focus on cycles.  An example of this method would be to start by jogging lightly for a minute, sprint for twenty to thirty seconds, and then walk for a minute to recover.  You would then repeat this cycle again, starting with the jogging.  The goal would be to increase the number of cycles you can perform, which will come with time.  It is an efficient and effective way to start building your endurance.

If you are considering a treadmill purchase for your home, reading up on treadmill reviews are an excellent way to find the perfect machine for your needs.

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