Celebrity Fitness Routines: Getting That Bikini Bod
11 Jul '13

Celebrity Fitness Routines: Getting That Bikini Bod

While it may be mid-summer, it’s definitely not too late to start working out to get that bikini body and end the summer season on a great note. From running, to lifting and swimming, celebrities are taking advantage of all different types of workout routines to stay in shape. Celebs such as Demi Moore, Britney Spears, and Jimmy Kimmel offer us their secrets on what workout routines work best for them.

Demi Moore

As a busy mom, actress Demi Moore keeps to reasonable workout schedule. Aside from swimming and rollerblading, she also takes advantage of her in-home treadmill – ideal for bad weather days. As a strong believer in living a healthy lifestyle in both body and mind, Demi offers us this treadmill workout routine:

  • After warming up on the treadmill by walking for three minutes, increase the incline to level 8, hold on to the handles, and pretend that you’re trudging through the mud.
  • Bend your knees and dig into the treadmill with your heels for one to two minutes, then lower the incline back to 1 for a few minutes to recover.
  • Repeat this cycle ten times.

If you looking to add a treadmill to your workout routine, it’s important to check out treadmill reviews online before you buy.

Britney Spears

Ever since Britney’s first hit, “Oops!…I Did It Again” was released in 2000, she’s had her ups and downs in the public eye. Now she’s back and better than ever, working with artists such as will.i.am and Pharrell Williams and recently turned heads when she appeared on the June cover of Shape magazine. So what are her workout tips that keep the 31 year-old singer looking great?

Britney’s trainer, Tony Martinez, told ABC News that he has his A-listers do compound movements – two exercises at the same time. His workout with Britney includes a mix of exercises from such sports as basketball and football, and treadmill exercises and ab workouts.

Jimmy Kimmel

While Jimmy Kimmel might not exactly be striving for that bikini bod, guy has still got to look good on camera! Celebs such as Jimmy Kimmel are opting for a new way to keep in shape – the treadmill desk. Being a TV personality might not sound like a lot of sedentary work, but behind-the-scenes are meetings, long-plane rides, and maybe even some downtime where it might not be realistic to get to the gym. Late show host, Jimmy Kimmel, installed a treadmill desk in his office in 2012. He stated, “I read somewhere that sitting all day can cut 15 or 20 years off your life. It’s worse than smoking. We weren’t meant to sit this much.”

The desk fits virtually any treadmill, allowing users to walk rather than sit while hard at work. Walking is said to promote health restoration, weight loss, and disease prevention which in turn aids in boosting mood and productivity throughout the day.

What celeb secrets will you be incorporating into your workout routine?

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