Suffer From Joint Pain? Stay Fit With an Elliptical
7 May '13

Suffer From Joint Pain? Stay Fit With an Elliptical

Elliptical machines are growing in popularity and are gaining on treadmills in overall sales, as they offer the benefit of a low-impact workout, while exercising both your upper and lower body. Ellipticals are ideal for those who suffer from joint pain, as they are forgiving on aging joints. Elliptical trainers also reduce the stress and strain on your legs through an elliptical motion and your feet never leave the pedals. The shape of the elliptical movement mimics the natural path of the ankle, knee, and hip joints during walking, jogging, or running but without the impact that can cause pain in joints in your legs and lower back.

Below are further benefits of using an elliptical:

  • Dual Action Workout
    What makes an elliptical unique is the dual action workout it provides – both upper and lower body. You get a workout that utilizes the quadriceps, hamstrings, glutes, chest, back, triceps and biceps, toning more of your body.
  • Variety of Programs
    Many ellipticals offer programs that mimic hill climbing or interval training through alternating resistance.
  • Lower Maintenance
    Thanks to the low-impact motion of an elliptical and due to the fact there are fewer moving parts, an elliptical is less likely to require regular service. You don’t have to worry about belts, motors, and rollers needing repair from wear and tear.

If you suffer from joint or back pain, there are still ways to exercise and stay fit – including an elliptical trainer. Be sure to check out online elliptical reviews to find the best one for your budget and needs.

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