6 May '13

5 Ways to Improve Your Health This Summer

In the warmer, longer, lazier days of summer, the living may not be easy, but your life probably feels less chaotic. Even adults tend to adopt a “school’s out!” attitude in summer, which is why this is a perfect time to improve your health in a fashion so laid back, you’ll barely notice the effort.

1. Give Your Diet a Berry Boost
If you do one thing this summer to improve your diet, have a cup of mixed fresh berries — blackberries, blueberries, or strawberries — every day. They’ll help you load up on antioxidants, which may help prevent damage to tissues and reduce the risks of age-related illnesses. Blueberries and blackberries are especially antioxidant-rich.

2. Get Down and Dirty
To lower your stress levels, consider planting a small garden. Planting and simply being outside can help you feel relaxed and help relieve stress… plus, you get a beautiful and maybe even functional (if you choose to plant tomatoes or another veggie) garden out of the deal!

3. Floss Daily
You know you need to, now it’s time to start: floss every single day. Make it part of your nightly routine before bed.

4. Exercise
Take advantage of the warm weather and go for a run or walk outside a few times a week. A treadmill is a great option for ultra-hot or rainy days. Make it your goal to slowly begin increasing your time or mileage every week. Take advantage of other warm weather activities such as swimming and cycling as well.

5. Sleep Well
Resist the urge to stay up later during long summer days. Instead pay attention to a good sleep schedule by keeping the same bedtime and wake-up schedule and not drinking alcohol within three hours of bedtime.

These are just a few ways to improve your health this summer and what better time to start than now? How will you be improving your health this summer?

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