21 Feb '13

Fitness Products to Avoid

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When you start working on your fitness, you will undoubtedly begin to receive countless tips from various sources. You may have already noticed many of these tips are just veiled bits of marketing being shoved into your face. The truth is there are a lot of fitness products that are just not worth buying. Some aren’t as helpful as you have been lead to believe, while others are actually hindering progress.

Sports Drinks

Sports drinks are almost always unnecessary. Unless you are running a marathon, you haven’t lost enough electrolytes during your workout to warrant sucking down one of these sugar laden drinks. The amount of calories they contain is sure to ruin the weight loss efforts of exercise. They also contain a large amount of sodium, so if you exercise to reduce blood pressure, these drinks are severely hindering your progress. Keeping hydrated while you workout is important, but the best way to do that is to drink water.

Energy Bars

A lot of energy bars have no business being associated with a healthy lifestyle. If you read the nutrition content, you’ll see that they are nothing more than candy bars in fitness packaging. The amount of sugar and calories contained in these bars is certain to set back your exercise goals.

Protein Powder

This product can serve a purpose. After working out, it is important to get some protein in your body within the first hour. If possible, however, you should get your protein from food sources. Powdered protein should only be used in times when you have no other options, it should not be used everyday. It’s very easy to overdue protein powders, and most of us eat enough protein already.

Rather than focusing on buying easy fix products, try to eat healthy. This will provide you with the energy you need to have an effective workout, as well as the macronutrients you need to see results.

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